About EAW Machining

With over 12 years in the industry, EAW Machining is an innovative, resourceful, and advanced machine shop specializing in high quality machined parts with quality finishes. We have extensive experience with engineering and manufacturing processes. With new CAM/CAD software, we can design and deliver just about any project request, from any size customer.

We specialize in production CNC machining and part manufacturing. Our shop provides full service, close tolerance contract manufacturing to assist our customers in achieving their manufacturing goals. Priority number one at EAW Machining is to provide quality machined parts on time, every time.

We are familiar with the total design and development process from start to finish, allowing us to anticipate potential problems and proactively look for solutions.

From concept to delivery, we work hand in hand with our customers to answer their most complicated part needs. Our innovative production methods and experienced staff assure you of superior products at competitive prices and customer satisfaction with every delivery.

Our business is built on the partnership that we have developed with our customers and we will continue to work with you to find better and more efficient ways to serve you!